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Download the application and consent forms for a mortgage. Kindly fill these forms and fax or email them back to me @ 1-888-429-0703 or email them to

The following is a list of documentation and information that may be required by the financial institution providing mortgage financing. To save time and assist us in the evaluation of your request for a mortgage please gather this required information together.

For Mortgage Broker/Lender
  • Confidential Credit Application and Consent Forms
  • Confirmation of Income: 2010 & 2011 Notice of Assessments, 2010 & 2011 T4′s Statement, Last Paystub for 2012
  • Two pieces identification (back and front) of all persons on title including guarantor(s) and co-signer(s). One must be a photo ID. i.e. Drivers License, Social Insurance Number, Birth Certificate, Citizenship, Credit Card or Photo Health Card.

Some items may need to be re-submitted at time of closing to provide lawyer with up to date information additional documents may need to be submitted at time of approval.

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  • My mortgage rate with my current bank is 2.1% but I had a lot of debt with interest around 19%. Matrix Mortgage Global was able to give me a low rate second mortgage to consolidate my debt without touching my first mortgage.
    Dan Smith, Toronto, ON
  • I owed $50,000 in property tax arrears and the government was threatening to put a lien on my house, Matrix Mortgage Global was able to provide me with a second mortgage to pay out the tax arrears.
    Justin Lee, Markham, ON
  • I had 2 yrs left on my consumer proposal, with the 2nd mortgage offer by Matrix Mortgage Global I was able to pay off the proposal and re-establish my credit
    Andrea Chase, Hamilton, ON
  • We wanted to add some major curb appeal to our home, stone driveway, deck, pool along with landscaping. Our home equity line of credit allowed us to make the improvements to our house without any hassle
    Patrick Hanns, Barrie, ON
  • Over the holidays our furnace went and we needed access to cash fast. With the cheques that come with the credit line we were able have our furnace replaced
    Mark and Jennifer Stall, Peterborough, ON
  • I had a lot of equity in my home and I needed a way to make extra money. I got a line of credit thru Matrix Mortgage Global and started lending out money on second mortgages. Instead of going to the bank now I am a bank!
    Jacob Yetzer, Toronto, ON
  • I own a historic mixed use commercial/residential building that I wanted to modernize. Matrix Mortgage Global provided me with a term loan to complete the renovations
    Steve Darcy, Toronto, ON
  • The real estate market was really hard for me last year, as a builder when I complete a project I need to sell. On my last project I was left with several unsold homes. Matrix Mortgage Global was able to consolidate my existing construction loan into an interest only loan at 6.99% free up equity and cash flow
    Kubot Clay, Hamilton, ON
  • We own a family bed and breakfast just outside Niagara Falls and ran into some tax arrears. Our bank turned us down for a commercial loan. Matrix Mortgage Global provided us with a 2nd mortgage which we used to pay off the tax arrears
    Blake & Greg, Niagara Falls, ON
  • I was renting a 2 bdrm apt for $1450 per month, when I saw that I could buy a home with $0 down I was amazed. I purchase a townhome for $300k with no money down and my payments are only $1550 per month
    Lance Taylor, Ajax, On
  • As a first time home buyer I was very nervous about buying a home. The professional staff at Matrix Mortgage Global took the time to answer my questions even after hours. I was very pleased with the service and how I was treated.
    Justin Wilcott, Mississauga, On
  • I'm a self employed cab driver. I was devastated when my bank, with whom I've been banking with for years turned me down for a mortgage. My business is mainly cash, and I didn't meet the banks criteria for proving my income. I found Matrix Mortgage Global online and decided to give them a call. I was surprised that I got approved. I thought that if my bank turned me down everyone would. Thanks!
    Jignesh Singh, Toronto, ON